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Polkadot Blue Acai Chocolate Bar

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4g of psilocybin

tangy acai flavor

PolkaDot Blue Acai Chocolate Bar For Sale. With High-grade components, such as premium chocolate and nourishing mushrooms order now and taste the magic.
Discover the irresistible PolkaDot Blue Acai Chocolate Bar, an elegant treat that will tickle your taste senses! This decadent chocolate bar, made with only the best ingredients, has a thick, creamy texture and a blast of tangy acai flavor that will have you hankering for more.

Each bar is expertly crafted by trained chocolatiers and contains acai berries’ antioxidant-rich deliciousness, which is known for its remarkable health benefits. A delicious combination of sweet and sour notes is achieved when the silky milk chocolate is combined with natural blueberry and acai flavorings.


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