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About Us

 About Polkadotbarusa Where Fun Meets Fungi

At PolkaDotbarusa, we believe in the power of deliciousness and exploration. We’re not just another chocolate company; we’re a vibrant, playful brand that combines two of life’s greatest pleasures: indulgent chocolate and the transformative power of functional mushrooms.

We carefully craft our chocolate bars using only the finest ethically sourced ingredients, ensuring quality and purity in every bite. But that’s not all. Each bar is infused with a precise blend of functional mushrooms, carefully chosen for their unique benefits, from stress relief and creativity to enhanced focus and immune support.

Our mission is to:

–>Create an unforgettable taste experience with our delectable chocolate blends.
–>Harness the power of functional mushrooms** to unlock a world of potential benefits.

–>Empower you to explore your own inner landscape** with curiosity and open-mindedness.

Infuse your life with a touch of whimsy and fun  through our colorful polka dot designs.

We believe in:

Quality and sustainability.

We source our ingredients responsibly and use eco-friendly packaging whenever possible.
Transparency and education.

We provide clear information about our ingredients and the potential benefits of functional mushrooms.
Diversity and inclusion.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of PolkaDot shrooms chocolate bar.
Community and connection. We foster a welcoming space for people to connect and share their experiences.

Join us on this delicious journey of exploration. Bite into a PolkaDot shrooms chocolate bar and discover the magic within.

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Polka Dot Crunch: Our most decadent creation yet! Creamy milk chocolate loaded with crunchy peanuts and colorful candy dots. A textural and flavorful explosion that’s impossible to resist.

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